PLKN ouhh plkn...



and, thats all, I can't recall the rest kuikui.

I really do miss plkn days.

Okay, so I was actually really damn excited about plkn. I was rreeaallyy hoping that I was chosen. so yeah, I was, Alhamdulillah. only Allah knew how happy I am. well the thing was, I act like I hated it. lol. didn't even know why. meh, at first I was chosen for the second intake. but then! shit  happened, I have to go for the first intake because my aunt was so cute. SO I FORCED MY MOM TO GO TO THE GIANT AND ALL OTHER PLACES TO BUY MY THINGS!! I even bought a new freaking luggage because I WAS SO FCKING EXCITED!! then beli lah baju lengan panjang laa, hanger laa, berus laa, selimut laa~~ woooo happy happy.

7 December 2014 was the date!! I couldn't even sleep the night before! excited like shitszzz. all I did was laugh laugh and my parents cried. my mom shades some tears and I can see my dad's eye were red. well, since I was the youngest and I've never left home, so they were a bit disappointed to leave me there haha! my luggage was freaking huge! excited much, I brought like tons of clothes. I couldn't even drag it myself. well, alhamdulillah, there were this bibik and she's close with my mom so she took care of me wee~ she even wipe all of the dust away from my locker and she was the one who help me (well I just sit there watching) to put on my bed sheets. those bed sheets were RIDICULOUSLY hard to put on.

I was really scared for the first time because I actually hate making new friends. Thank god I have my 4 niggs with me. we did everything together for the first week. but then we have to split up because every company have to eat on their own table and stuff bluergh. and Alhamdulillah, everything was very smooth. I made friends and I was happy wee~ well not really actually, I once cried because I just can't stand some crap that happened. I even had a fever and my temperature reached 40 degree Celsius! I was rushed to the hospital and ambulance were involved. the doctor said that I maybe suspected dengue, but actually no. I was just lazy to eat the medicine. whoops. WELL YEAH I WENT TO THE HOSPITAL ON AMBULANCE AND IT WAS SOOOO COOOL! laju tak terkata~ i actually enjoyed the ride kuikui~

There was this activity called high ropes and we played flying fox. here's the story, I was at the top of the tower waiting for my turn to jump. the tower wasn't even that high~ when it was my turn, I jump but then I was stuck and couldn't slide down. WELL I WAS HANGING AND GOD KNOWS HOW DANGEROUS IT IS. then I realize that one of the stupid trainer was holding my jacket. what a jack ass. he be like 'amende, amende, amende' I screamed like hella loud and some boys from my company even made fun of it.

well here are some sort of things that I learned in camp;
~ TTS, wich is tempuh tanpa senjata. well best thing ever. I just yelled basically. best whoo
~ jamilah. weird dance step that was ACTUALLY COOL! originally from Sabah~ when it came to riadah time, I would joined this BMI thingy and dance~
~ operating M-16. senapang weyy senapang.
~ navigation. using compasses and what-so-ever~ bored afff
~ juggle with three balls. I DIDN'T EVEN GET IT WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE LEARNED IT?? we even have like a stage time to show our talent in juggling. well, of course I sucked.
~ people can be stupid ass and annoying aff
~ swimming wee~~
~ hand ball. I suddenly became competitive and some of my friends said that I played really nice! haha! but of course, charlie sucked in sports~ we didn't even win. and I even gave up in it and one of charlie's trainer shove me off~ haha~

you're squad goal.

Meet Fatin Liyana! My best among the best. well, sometime she can be annoying af. she knew it. accidentally gave her a cold look when I met her for the first time. because I was in rush so, mehh~ then we sat next to each other at the hall. she was so loud. I nearly damaged my eardrum. she laugh loudly, she talk loudly. I mean,  DAMN loud. then we became best mate. wee~ called her 'anak-ku' because... idk. I just did. and it was fun tho. I really love to hug her because she iz sooooo squishy! She is one of the best bed mate ever~ well, thank you anakku for lending me your bed when mine was ridiculously messy~ she was the first one whom I would told who was my crush before other people in my dorm and of course, one of the victim who have to entertain me when I was Fangirling with my crush. lompat lompat atas katil dia when I first found out my crush's instagram. how I miss. and yeah i forced her to follow him because his ig was private~ she have a really nice voice. every time she speaks, I would sleep. serious talk. It once happened when there was a really bored ceramah and I asked her to tell me everything about her. but then I fell asleep. it happened like so many times. she was so furious about it and I said her voice was like a lullaby. I loved when she sang 'dengarlah bintang hatiku' sangatlah merdu. ohh how I miss. lupa nak record, damn. pernah gaduh and didn't talk with her for like 2 days AND I WAS LIKE BORED AF! but then I apologized and she did too. well yeah, crush aku kat depan then she speak out loud his index number. MALU AKU. then aku lari~ kuch kuch ho tahe~ bapak sakai. and I yeah, teasing her was effing fun! lepastu sentap. benci gila. banyak kali lah juge~ tapi best. sumpah. her hair was one of my toys when I'm bored. and yeah, snapping her picture while she's asleep was really fun. well, I keep it just for myself lah tak delah kejam sangat tunjuk kat orang lain. except our I.C dorm. because it was her camera~ then gelak gelak gelak gelak lepas tu dia sentap. hahhahahahhahaah I guess her middle name is sentap.

Meet Syaza Zafirah! kejam! kejam! the first thing she asked me was 'kita sama baya kan?' muka nampak garang~' nk nangis aku. but then we became close~ funny thing happened when I was with her in our dorm toilet~ it was during the night, after row call,  everyone was busy getting in their bed. Syaza and I was the only person in the toilet. well daa~ fabzz mmg ah~ it took so long for me to change into my pyjama and I think she was massaging me~ I can't recall why we took so much time to go out and brush teeth. at that time I was placing someone's body soap on top of our divider in the toilet. Syaz came out from the cubic. jauh lah jugak kitorang waktu tu. then suddenly, papp! the lights went off, and the bekas sabun badan fell off . cuak nak mampos waktu tu. dramatic gila, I held out my hand towards her and she grab it and I squeezed her hand really hard. gila dramatic do. bila teringat mesti gelak. scardy cat~. lawak gila. then mengucap panjang pastu terus kelua. suis shot. ayam betul. dan dan waktu tu aku dgn dia je dlm toilet. sakai. and all I did was laugh that night. cerita kat sume orang. dia lah jugak one of the mate who I enjoyed judging people with. especially in our company photoshoot~ point out muka those yg hodoh hodoh and made fun of them. paling sakai tk ingat jam pukul berapa and I was late to perform my zohor prayer.

Meet Ain Asyiqen! makhluk Allah yang pertama tegur aku dekat plkn. only Allah knew how happy I am when she talked to me. my overly attached girl for the first two weeks~ I love her so much. such a brainiac. such a cute girl. she have such an annoying voice. people kept teasing her because of her voice, cartoonic voice people said. she looked small but actually... hehe~ she once slept beside me because she just can't handle sleeping alone~ my eating mate~ lepas lunch ja we will have a short conversation~ we talked craps and more craps. she act strong the day we have to return home. but the dia tewas! bhahaha time tu dia tengah peluk aku then dia nangis. comel. antara salah satu manusia yang malas nk basuh baju. kita geng woi! kitorang basuh baju weekend ja. and mula lah berapa banyak pail kene basuh. and satu masa 3 pail full of clothes dia basuh dalam satu malam. gila~ and I joined her kuikui, teman ahh dia kesian dia sorang sorang~ AND YEAH! TAK PERNAH ADE SATU HARI PUN KITORANG TAK JADI TOP 20 PEOPLE WHEN IT COMES TO BREAKFAST. lepas je cikgu bebel then suruh keluar baris, Ain and I pecut lari pegi dewan makan. lari laju tak boleh nk kata. org lain semua terhegeh hegeh. puii, aku lapar, i need my foods~ langgar orang tepi, tak cakap sorry weyy~ lapar tak terkata..

Meet Intan Lyana! the middle one tho. bayam betul tk de gamba dua orang. dia masuk sama dengan aku, 7 Dec. pakai baju kurung bhaii~ nampak cam ayu. sekali. she is effing weird. loud. crazy. moron (cute way tho)  didn't talk to for like a week or something. because....... entah, aku tak berani nak cakap dengan dia. BUT WE BECAME BESTIES WEEEE~ she make stupid ass jokes but strangely, those stupid jokes never failed to crack me up. first day kitorang cakap, I ended up admitting the hospital on the next day. I laughed all night. she kept on messing with me and did not let me sleep. the next day I woke up, my body was aching. and my sendi could not perform like it used to be. mehh, SEMUA DIA PUNYA PASAL and she admit it too. manusia paling sekepala dengan aku. she really love messing with me when I was in the shower. tarik towel and my undergarments and all stuff. once slept beside her because I was scared. well weird thing happened. okay, there was one night. I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and I hate myself for not being able to continue sleeping. scared aff and my heart was beating so hard. I kept on baca ayat kursi and still cannot sleep. I had enough and went sleeping next to her. I pushed her aside and she was like 'huh apahal ni' so I said, tepi sikit then she moved, and continued to sleep. I laugh and.. boom tidur. dengan nyenyaknya. bila dah pukul 5 centu I went back to my own bed~ kuiikuii. I really love having night talk with her. I scarified my sleep just nak dengar dia mengadu pasal boyfie dia and her school friend. and yeah, kitorang suka jual muka. lulz

well these 4 person whom I can't survived if they were not by my side~ thanks you so much for the thousand memories that we shared together. XX